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Facebook Wishes for the First Day of the Summer

Your Facebook wish you a very happy and warm summer!

Here is the image that will make you feel happy!

Facebook First Day of Summer Wish
Screenshot from
What will bring us Facebook this summer? 

On the image are illustrated friends under a big umbrella. 

People with no eyes, no mouth - what Facebook want to say with this to us - at Facebook you are just one from billion people and you have no real emotions - the real emotions are outside, not in front of your computer or smartphone?! 

The good on the image is that the people out there have no devices and are playing with the dog, reading a real paper book and eating ice-cream. 

360 Degrees Photos now available on Facebook

360 Photos are trend and Facebook want you to be able see such photos on your Facebook Newsfeed.

It is very intuitive method to view 360 photos - just have a picture open on your Facebook App for Android or iOS and move your hand around. The panorama begin to move with your movement.

If you look 360 images on your computer, you have to click and drag to the direction you want.

You can try this by open the 360 image below on your FB App or on your computer.

Now we at Sociotrope are waiting for 360 Photos on Instagram. Still to come? What do you think?

Mark Zuckerberg Live Video on Facebook

If you missed the live video from Mark Zuckerberg now you will able to see the full video.

Mark answers questions from the live comments below the live video.
Zuckerberg makes several people happy by answering their questions about 360 photos, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, live video, entrepreneurship and Facebook future.

You can watch the full video from the live event with Mark here:

Facebook Stock Grows

Facebook Inc (FB) stock grows and the investors are happy:

Facebook Inc Stock (NASDAQ: FB) - a screenshot from Google (disclaimers)
The highest price was on May 10 - 120.50 USD
The lowest one year ago was around 82 USD.

If you have bought the 10 Facebook shares one year ago for 820 USD now you will be able to make profit from 320 USD  - that's great and is better from your money to be on a bank account.

And how about the Facebook Stock in one year. Check here next year and you will discover.