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Messenger: New camera with numerous features available in time for the holidays worldwide

We are pleased to announce today a new, faster and easier-to-use camera function for messengers. With numerous design possibilities and special effects, entertainment is now even better. The new camera will be available worldwide in the coming days.

Communication via Messenger is becoming more and more visual - every day messengers send over 2.5 billion emojis, photos, stickers and videos. People are increasingly using the camera instead of their keyboard. Because more and more people use the messenger in their daily lives, we wanted to make sending photos and videos even faster, easier and more entertaining - so we developed the new messenger camera.

What's New?

It is now even faster and easier to capture moments and share with others. The new messenger camera is available directly in your inbox and is just a click away - no matter if you are already in a conversation or the app has just opened. The shutter is centered at the bottom of the screen: With one click you take a photo and if you hold down longer, a video is recorded.

In addition, we introduce a new place where you can find stickers, pictures, frames and special effects. We are very pleased to introduce 3D masks and special effects that make it easy to transform your photo into a work of art. Just try it out - you can make a self portrait and turn into a reindeer, play with snow, or just ask someone how he is. It's the perfect way to send a little happiness with your messages.

We have also added thousands of stickers, frames, masks, and effects from which to choose. We have worked with artists and influencers worldwide who have personalized these little extras according to their preferences.

And that was not all! Even your text messages can be even more entertaining in the Messenger. Just click the palette icon on the trigger to add images and stickers to your text. So your conversations about what you are doing, how you feel and what you are planning even more colorful. Of course, it is still possible to send a plain text message. All the functions you know and love from the Messenger remain the same.

Create an individual view of the year on Facebook

As in the past few years, members of Facebook are able to compile their individual highlights from 2016 and share with family and friends. The personal video contains important life events, photos, markings and the most popular contributions from the past twelve months:

Visit Year In Review 2016 of Facebook

Year retrospect for 2016 on Facebook

Every day, people share on Facebook the most important moments and events. As in every year, Facebook's 2016 annual review looks back on the subjects that moved and debated most people.

The following topics were the most common among people in 2016:

  1. Presidential elections in the USA
  2. Political unrest in Brazil
  3. Pokémon Go
  4. "Black Lives Matter" movement
  5. Election of Rodrigo Duterte as President of the Philippines on 9 May
  6. Olympic Summer Games
  7. Brexit vote
  8. Super Bowl
  9. Death of David Bowie on January 10th
  10. Death of Muhammad Ali on June 3

With the launch of Facebook Live this year, Facebook is showing the world's most successful live video of the year. A viral success landed "Chewbacca Mom" ​​Candace Payne with 164 million calls - of which alone 70 million in the first 24 hours after the release. The folk musician Ted Yoder with his zither version of the classic "Everybody wants to rule the world" as well as the buzzfeed countdown to the next presidential election in the USA were also very popular.

The world's most watched live videos 2016
  1. Candace Payne – Chewbacca Mom
  2. Ted Yoder – Soundscapes
  3. Buzzfeed – Countdown to the next presidential election
  4. Atlanta Buzz – People are lining up to hug police officers in Dallas
  5. NBC News – Election results
  6. Under the Hood – Video of a truck completely carved out of wood
  7. Viral Thread – Population count from US to CA
  8. CNN – Election results on Empire State building
  9. Dena Blizzard – Pokemon Go for moms ”Chardonnay Go”
  10. Super Deluxe – Election map


The Top 10 lists for the annual review were based on how often a topic was mentioned in Facebook posts between January 1 and November 27, To compile these lists, Facebook contributions were aggregated and anonymized before analysis. In this way, a ranking could be created, which simultaneously shows a cross-section of the Facebook year. The top 10 of the live videos is based on the overall views.

Facebook Introduce More Ways to Connect and Share Moments

Every day people use Facebook to share moments with their friends. Today Facebook introduce a marketing program to invite people to share and talk about events and moments that are happening in their communities and around the world.

Messages from Facebook will appear at the top of News Feed about a specific event or moment. The mission goal is to:

  • Give people ways to connect and share with friends during holidays and events
  • Help people discover fun and interesting cultural moments
  • Celebrate moments in history that continue to make the world more open and connected.

Facebook care about the social community and want to make their experience more delightful with the launch of this program. Facebook hope to give people new ways to connect and share and be informed about events and moments happening in the world around them.

This is just the beginning and Facebook will continue to work to make these messages better for the community around the world.

Happy Holidays!