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You can rearrange the buttons in the order you like by Drag and Drop.

The new Facebook made app Rooms

If you want to test something new, here is the new iOS app Rooms.
It allows you to create like in the old time chat-rooms but now you can post not only text but also photos and videos.
Images copyright Facebook Newsroom and Rooms
Start creating a room about something you love. Or just find an existing room and ask to join. Its like the groups in Facebook but you can customize the room like you like. Change color, the font, the name of  the "like button", add cover photo, dominant colors. This is only the basic Rooms. In future we will see more features. Take a try if you are an iPhone user and download the app from the Apple App Store.

Here are some screenshots from the Facebook Creative Lab about they new iOS app Rooms:

Style your room create a room choose a nickname Post photo, video and notes