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Riff - a new app to make videos

3, 2, 1 Riff! A new great tool comes from the Facebook Creative Labs. Now you can easy create videos and share it with your Facebook friends in the Riff app or in Facebook. But you are not alone. All you friends can add some video sequence to your video. And it will be a big fun video. What's a teamwork!

Here are the steps to make a popular video on Facebook:

1. Have a cool idea and shot a short video.
2. Publish the video on Riff.
3. All your friends and your friend's friends can see the video and decide to add their clips to your video.
4. Make the short film popular - on Facebook, Youtube and anywhere else on Internet.

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Download Riff from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Here are some ideas you can create.
1. Start a birthday video wish and ask all your friends to join.
2. Shot a video of your hand - every hand is unique so beg your friends to film their hands and add the video to yours.
3. Film the view from your window.
4. Make 10 push-ups and count till 100+ with the added friend's videos.
5. Smile for the camera. Make the biggest smile with Facebook friends.
6. Thanks for sharing :)