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#WorldCup Facebook page

Facebook starts a new page where you can explore all the posts with hashtag worldcup.
Trending World Cup page ( allows you to join the conversation about the 2014 soccer event in Brasil. You can write something, upload photo or video, or share a link with #worldcup.

Image source: Facebook
A great place to see the reactions in real time. This dedicated hub for the soccer fans have also latest scores from the games, real-time posts from friends and the top players and national teams.

The interactive atlas "Fan Map" shows the fans of the best players. You can try an see how many fans have Rolando, Messi or Neymar.

Image source: Screenshot Facebook 

Don't forget to be close with you friends during the matches. Take you phone and add status updates on your facebook page - tap the smiley icon and select "watching".

Image source: Facebook