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Goal in different languages according Facebook

Facebook data team make it possible to see how we say to our friends that our team score in a soccer game.

Lets start first with the length of the word "goal" in different countries. On the world map bellow you can see that the dark regions like South America like to write the word as long a possible (i.e. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!"). The winner here is Venezuela with 21 characters.
Image source Facebook

The longest word "goal" written in Facebook during the world cup in Brasil comes from Argentina and is 20400 characters long (gooo....oool). If you try to write this word again you will need to hold down the letter "o" for 12 minutes!

If you want to learn how to say goal in different languages see the list bellow:
Gol (Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese)
Goal (English)
ประตู (Thai)
Tor (German)
ゴール (Japanese)

Soccer have many names. The map that comes from Facebook shows the word for soccer in different countries and languages: 
Image source Facebook

All this data is possible because of 1 Billion posts, comments, likes and photos on Facebook with the #wordcup.