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GoPro on Facebook

GoPro are cameras to make beautiful pictures and videos from unique perspective. With a special lens "fish eye" they record heart-stopping moments from an unusual view.

Image copyright: Facebook for Business
Let's see how GoPro made it possible to increase the traffic to they e-commerce website using Facebook.

First give you time to watch what you can do with the latest GoPro camera Hero3:

The idea of the GoPro Facebook page was to give the film producers a place where they can share videos and photos every day with the audience. As Andie Woodman, Social Marketing Manager of GoPro says: "GoPro is the fastest growing camera company in the world. And we think that what we do on Facebook has been an integral part of that." The company started to post photos and videos from the moments of real people with a "normal" life: mountain biker, captures from air plain, deep water divers, sky divers etc.

Every day a new ad was created to share the best captured content. With this plan GoPro have over 9% more traffic to the official sales website and the Facebook site is now the #1 photo sharing site for GoPro.