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No more spam in your news feed

You may know that Facebook News Feed has a new design and is improved in the way what shows.
Facebook will try to show you the most important for you post and stories. As result of years researches the new home page will not show spammy images.

Some examples of such post are shown below.

Like-Baiting is a post that want from you to share, like or comment a an answer of a question.

Like baiting example
Spam post in Facebook

Many people flag such post like spam therefore Facebook will try not to show you such images.

Frequently circulated posts are contents that are uploaded to Facebook many times. Now they will be found with a special algorithm and you will see it less.

Spammy Links trying to take you to websites that contents only ads. There are a lot examples for these case: fake picture gallery, videos that ask you to share something before you saw the video.

The new news feed will show you more relevant and trustworthy content from you friends, pages and groups.